Teenage Engineering’s new Record Factory is your own personal record maker

The PO-80 has an arm to play music with, and another to carve it in. | Image: Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering is known for its playfully designed audio synthesizers you can digitally make music with, but now it’s made a way you can save your tunes in the most analog way possible: on records. The Swedish company’s new PO-80 Record Factory is a turntable that lets you cut your own lo-fi vinyl records and play them back as well.

The PO-80 only supports 5-inch records for cutting and supports four minutes or three minutes of recording time per side at 33 rpm and 45 rpm, respectively. You can also attach an included 7-inch record adapter to play back larger records, though you can’t cut them.

Teenage Engineering (TE) built the PO-80 to be portable, just like its calculator-inspired Pocket Operator line of synthesizers that let you…

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