Chromebook Plus laptops are getting Google Gemini

Image: Google Google announced Tuesday it’s adding Gemini and AI features from its other devices to Chromebook Plus laptops, including a few from Asus and HP already on the market and brand-new ones from Acer. These and future Chromebook Plus laptops will support new features like Google’s “Help me write” tool and the ability to … Read more

OpenAI has a new safety team — it’s run by Sam Altman

Illustration: The Verge OpenAI is forming a new safety team, and it’s led by CEO Sam Altman, along with board members Adam D’Angelo and Nicole Seligman. The committee will make recommendations on “critical safety and security decisions for OpenAI projects and operations” — a concern several key AI researchers shared when leaving the company this … Read more

Tumblr launches its semi-private Communities in open beta

Tumblr, the blogging site acquired twice, is launching its “Communities” feature in open beta, the Tumblr Labs division has announced. The feature offers a dedicated space for users to connect with others on different topics, outside of Tumblr’s main dashboard. The open beta comes six months after Communities launched in closed beta and represents a shift … Read more