SpaceX notches eighth human spaceflight mission with Crew-5

SpaceX successfully launched another batch of astronauts to the International Space Station Wednesday, part of an ongoing astronaut transportation contract with NASA. Like the company’s seven other human spaceflight missions, it was completely routine — and that’s what made it so remarkable. The Crew-5 mission (so named because it’s SpaceX’s fifth crewed mission with NASA’s … Read more

Popular censorship circumvention tools face fresh blockade by China

Tools helping China’s netizens to bypass the Great Firewall appear to be facing a fresh round of crackdowns in the run-up to the country’s quinquennial party congress that will see a top leadership reshuffle. Greater censorship is not at all uncommon during countries’ politically sensitive periods, but the stress facing censorship circumvention tools in China … Read more

Prevent account takeover at login with the new Account Takeover Insights model in Amazon Fraud Detector

Digital is the new normal, and there’s no going back. Every year, consumers visit, on average, 191 websites or services requiring a user name and password, and the digital footprint is expected to grow exponentially. So much exposure naturally brings added risks like account takeover (ATO). Each year, bad actors compromise billions of accounts through … Read more

US CFTC as Crypto’s Regulatory Savior? Crypto Firms Might Not Like What They Get

Just because Rostin Behnam is the rare government official who can casually drop a comment that suggests a future explosion in bitcoin price, doesn’t mean he’s a crypto bro. The chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is widely seen in crypto circles as a relatively friendly face in government, but his recent record … Read more

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