Twilio Segment introduces new portable customer records with reverse ETL

Gathering customer information in a CDP is about understanding your customers better and delivering more tailored experiences, but getting that information where it needs to be to make that happen has proven challenging. Perhaps Twilio Segment, the CDP Twilio bought in 2020 for $3.2 billion, can help with some new features designed to make it … Read more

After chargeback fraud debacle, Union54 CEO says fintech in Africa ‘isn’t child’s play’

Last July, TechCrunch reported that customers of several fintech apps couldn’t access the virtual dollar card service that these platforms provided. In addition, customers couldn’t create new cards, fund existing ones, or make online and in-store payments and purchases with them. At the heart of this issue was chargeback fraud that Zambian startup Union54, whose … Read more

Payday wants to power the future of work for Africa with $3M seed led by Moniepoint Inc

Payday, a neobank issuing global (USD, EUR & GBP) accounts to Africans, has raised $3 million, money the platform intends to use to fuel its “future of work” initiative through borderless payment alternatives in major currencies. The oversubscribed seed investment was led by Moniepoint Inc. (formerly TeamApt Inc), the U.S. entity that houses Moniepoint Microfinance … Read more

Hygraph raises $30M to scale out a new, federated approach to managing digital content

Digital content and how we consume it continue to endlessly evolve, and with that, so too does the tech that helps manage all of it behind the scenes. In the latest development, Hygraph, a startup out of Berlin that has built a platform around a new, “federated” approach to content management — think: many sources … Read more