Amazon SageMaker built-in LightGBM now offers distributed training using Dask

Amazon SageMaker provides a suite of built-in algorithms, pre-trained models, and pre-built solution templates to help data scientists and machine learning (ML) practitioners get started on training and deploying ML models quickly. You can use these algorithms and models for both supervised and unsupervised learning. They can process various types of input data, including tabular, … Read more

Build a water consumption forecasting solution for a water utility agency using Amazon Forecast

Amazon Forecast is a fully managed service that uses machine learning (ML) to generate highly accurate forecasts, without requiring any prior ML experience. Forecast is applicable in a wide variety of use cases, including estimating supply and demand for inventory management, travel demand forecasting, workforce planning, and computing cloud infrastructure usage. You can use Forecast … Read more

Best Egg achieved three times faster ML model training with Amazon SageMaker Automatic Model Tuning

This post is co-authored by Tristan Miller from Best Egg. Best Egg is a leading financial confidence platform that provides lending products and resources focused on helping people feel more confident as they manage their everyday finances. Since March 2014, Best Egg has delivered $22 billion in consumer personal loans with strong credit performance, welcomed … Read more

Explain text classification model predictions using Amazon SageMaker Clarify

Model explainability refers to the process of relating the prediction of a machine learning (ML) model to the input feature values of an instance in humanly understandable terms. This field is often referred to as explainable artificial intelligence (XAI). Amazon SageMaker Clarify is a feature of Amazon SageMaker that enables data scientists and ML engineers … Read more

Upscale images with Stable Diffusion in Amazon SageMaker JumpStart

In November 2022, we announced that AWS customers can generate images from text with Stable Diffusion models in Amazon SageMaker JumpStart. Today, we announce a new feature that lets you upscale images (resize images without losing quality) with Stable Diffusion models in JumpStart. An image that is low resolution, blurry, and pixelated can be converted … Read more

Cohere brings language AI to Amazon SageMaker

This is a guest post by Sudip Roy, Manager of Technical Staff at Cohere. It’s an exciting day for the development community. Cohere’s state-of-the-art language AI is now available through Amazon SageMaker. This makes it easier for developers to deploy Cohere’s pre-trained generation language model to Amazon SageMaker, an end-to-end machine learning (ML) service. Developers, … Read more

­­How CCC Intelligent Solutions created a custom approach for hosting complex AI models using Amazon SageMaker

This post is co-written by Christopher Diaz, Sam Kinard, Jaime Hidalgo and Daniel Suarez  from CCC Intelligent Solutions. In this post, we discuss how CCC Intelligent Solutions (CCC) combined Amazon SageMaker with other AWS services to create a custom solution capable of hosting the types of complex artificial intelligence (AI) models envisioned. CCC is a … Read more

Set up Amazon SageMaker Studio with Jupyter Lab 3 using the AWS CDK

Amazon SageMaker Studio is a fully integrated development environment (IDE) for machine learning (ML) partly based on JupyterLab 3. Studio provides a web-based interface to interactively perform ML development tasks required to prepare data and build, train, and deploy ML models. In Studio, you can load data, adjust ML models, move in between steps to adjust experiments, … Read more

Churn prediction using multimodality of text and tabular features with Amazon SageMaker Jumpstart

Amazon SageMaker JumpStart is the Machine Learning (ML) hub of SageMaker providing pre-trained, publicly available models for a wide range of problem types to help you get started with machine learning. Understanding customer behavior is top of mind for every business today. Gaining insights into why and how customers buy can help grow revenue. Customer churn is … Read more

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning at Parsons with AWS DeepRacer

This post is co-written with Jennifer Bergstrom, Sr. Technical Director, ParsonsX. Parsons Corporation (NYSE:PSN) is a leading disruptive technology company in critical infrastructure, national defense, space, intelligence, and security markets providing solutions across the globe to help make the world safer, healthier, and more connected. Parsons provides services and capabilities across cybersecurity, missile defense, space ground … Read more

How Thomson Reuters built an AI platform using Amazon SageMaker to accelerate delivery of ML projects

This post is co-written by Ramdev Wudali and Kiran Mantripragada from Thomson Reuters. In 1992, Thomson Reuters (TR) released its first AI legal research service, WIN (Westlaw Is Natural), an innovation at the time, as most search engines only supported Boolean terms and connectors. Since then, TR has achieved many more milestones as its AI … Read more

Federated Learning on AWS with FedML: Health analytics without sharing sensitive data – Part 2

Analyzing real-world healthcare and life sciences (HCLS) data poses several practical challenges, such as distributed data silos, lack of sufficient data at a single site for rare events, regulatory guidelines that prohibit data sharing, infrastructure requirement, and cost incurred in creating a centralized data repository. Because they’re in a highly regulated domain, HCLS partners and … Read more

Federated Learning on AWS with FedML: Health analytics without sharing sensitive data – Part 1

This blog post is co-written with Chaoyang He and Salman Avestimehr from FedML. Analyzing real-world healthcare and life sciences (HCLS) data poses several practical challenges, such as distributed data silos, lack of sufficient data at any single site for rare events, regulatory guidelines that prohibit data sharing, infrastructure requirement, and cost incurred in creating a … Read more

Multilingual customer support translation made easy on Salesforce Service Cloud using Amazon Translate

This post was co-authored with Mark Lott, Distinguished Technical Architect, Salesforce, Inc. Enterprises that operate globally are experiencing challenges sourcing customer support professionals with multi-lingual experience. This process can be cost-prohibitive and difficult to scale, leading many enterprises to only support English for chats. Using human interpreters for translation support is expensive, and infeasible since … Read more

Enriching real-time news streams with the Refinitiv Data Library, AWS services, and Amazon SageMaker

This post is co-authored by Marios Skevofylakas, Jason Ramchandani and Haykaz Aramyan from Refinitiv, An LSEG Business. Financial service providers often need to identify relevant news, analyze it, extract insights, and take actions in real time, like trading specific instruments (such as commodities, shares, funds) based on additional information or context of the news item. … Read more

Best practices for load testing Amazon SageMaker real-time inference endpoints

Amazon SageMaker is a fully managed machine learning (ML) service. With SageMaker, data scientists and developers can quickly and easily build and train ML models, and then directly deploy them into a production-ready hosted environment. It provides an integrated Jupyter authoring notebook instance for easy access to your data sources for exploration and analysis, so … Read more

Get smarter search results with the Amazon Kendra Intelligent Ranking and OpenSearch plugin

If you’ve had the opportunity to build a search application for unstructured data (i.e., wiki, informational web sites, self-service help pages, internal documentation, etc.) using open source or commercial-off-the-shelf search engines, then you’re probably familiar with the inherent accuracy challenges involved in getting relevant search results. The intended meaning of both query and document can … Read more

Model hosting patterns in Amazon SageMaker, Part 1: Common design patterns for building ML applications on Amazon SageMaker

Machine learning (ML) applications are complex to deploy and often require the ability to hyper-scale, and have ultra-low latency requirements and stringent cost budgets. Use cases such as fraud detection, product recommendations, and traffic prediction are examples where milliseconds matter and are critical for business success. Strict service level agreements (SLAs) need to be met, … Read more

Best practices for creating Amazon Lex interaction models

Amazon Lex is an AWS service for building conversational interfaces into any application using voice and text, enabling businesses to add sophisticated, natural language chatbots across different channels. Amazon Lex uses machine learning (ML) to understand natural language (normal conversational text and speech). In this post, we go through a set of best practices for … Read more

Power recommendations and search using an IMDb knowledge graph – Part 3

This three-part series demonstrates how to use graph neural networks (GNNs) and Amazon Neptune to generate movie recommendations using the IMDb and Box Office Mojo Movies/TV/OTT licensable data package, which provides a wide range of entertainment metadata, including over 1 billion user ratings; credits for more than 11 million cast and crew members; 9 million … Read more

AWS positioned in the Leaders category in the 2022 IDC MarketScape for APEJ AI Life-Cycle Software Tools and Platforms Vendor Assessment

The recently published IDC MarketScape: Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) AI Life-Cycle Software Tools and Platforms 2022 Vendor Assessment positions AWS in the Leaders category. This was the first and only APEJ-specific analyst evaluation focused on AI life-cycle software from IDC. The vendors evaluated for this MarketScape offer various software tools needed to support end-to-end machine learning … Read more

How Thomson Reuters delivers personalized content subscription plans at scale using Amazon Personalize

This post is co-written by Hesham Fahim from Thomson Reuters. Thomson Reuters (TR) is one of the world’s most trusted information organizations for businesses and professionals. It provides companies with the intelligence, technology, and human expertise they need to find trusted answers, enabling them to make better decisions more quickly. TR’s customers span across the … Read more

Connecting Amazon Redshift and RStudio on Amazon SageMaker

Last year, we announced the general availability of RStudio on Amazon SageMaker, the industry’s first fully managed RStudio Workbench integrated development environment (IDE) in the cloud. You can quickly launch the familiar RStudio IDE and dial up and down the underlying compute resources without interrupting your work, making it easy to build machine learning (ML) … Read more

Use machine learning to detect anomalies and predict downtime with Amazon Timestream and Amazon Lookout for Equipment

The last decade of the Industry 4.0 revolution has shown the value and importance of machine learning (ML) across verticals and environments, with more impact on manufacturing than possibly any other application. Organizations implementing a more automated, reliable, and cost-effective Operational Technology (OT) strategy have led the way, recognizing the benefits of ML in predicting … Read more

2022H2 Amazon Textract launch summary

Documents are a primary tool for record keeping, communication, collaboration, and transactions across many industries, including financial, medical, legal, and real estate. The millions of mortgage applications and hundreds of millions of W2 tax forms processed each year are just a few examples of such documents. Critical business data remains unlocked in unstructured documents such … Read more

How to redact PII data in conversation transcripts

Customer service interactions often contain personally identifiable information (PII) such as names, phone numbers, and dates of birth. As organizations incorporate machine learning (ML) and analytics into their applications, using this data can provide insights on how to create more seamless customer experiences. However, the presence of PII information often restricts the use of this … Read more

Get to production-grade data faster by using new built-in interfaces with Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth Plus

Launched at AWS re:Invent 2021, Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth Plus helps you create high-quality training datasets by removing the undifferentiated heavy lifting associated with building data labeling applications and managing the labeling workforce. All you do is share data along with labeling requirements, and Ground Truth Plus sets up and manages your data labeling workflow … Read more

Announcing the updated Salesforce connector (V2) for Amazon Kendra

Amazon Kendra is a highly accurate and simple-to-use intelligent search service powered by machine learning (ML). Amazon Kendra offers a suite of data source connectors to simplify the process of ingesting and indexing your content, wherever it resides. Valuable data in organizations is stored in both structured and unstructured repositories. An enterprise search solution should … Read more

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