Oh goodie, now everyone can share NFTs on Instagram or Facebook

Now, your posts can have a little verified check mark to prove you didn’t just right-click, save, and post. | Image: Meta

Meta announced on Thursday that it’s giving everyone in the US the ability to share “digital collectibles” (read: NFTs under a new name that social media execs think is more appealing) on Facebook and Instagram. Sharing on the latter platform is also available in over 100 other countries. The feature, which was limited to select users at first, works by having you connect your crypto wallet to your profile, after which you can create a post featuring the NFTs in that wallet. According to a blog post from Meta, sharing a digital collectible results in “automatically tagging the creator and collector.”

Going to Settings > Digital Collectibles in the Instagram app, it shows that there are currently five wallets supported if you’re trying to…

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