Zendure launches a giant ‘semi-solid state’ battery on motorized wheels

Image: Zendure

Zendure’s SuperBase V is the largest and most powerful portable battery yet. Not only can the 6.4kWh battery-on-wheels be expanded to 64kWh via stackable modules, it stores electrons in what the company calls the “first home energy system with semi-solid state batteries.” It can accept up to 3,000W of solar input, can be charged at a level 2 EV station, and includes external running lights, voice control, and powered wheels (because of course it does).

According to Zendure, semi-solid state batteries offer 42 percent higher energy density and improved safety compared to lithium-ion phosphate (aka, LFP or LiFePO4) batteries — the current gold standard. As Professor Hobo explains it on YouTube, Zendure’s semi-solid state batteries are…

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