We’re in a golden age for skateboarding games

Session: Skate Sim. | Image: Crea-ture Studios

The last few years have been a wonderful time for skateboarding game fans. The highlight, of course, was the 2020 remaster of the first two Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games, but there’s also been the slick mobile take on shredding with Skate City and the ridiculously over-the-top OlliOlli World from earlier this year. What’s great is that each of these titles has its own distinct flavor, whether you want to get in a short session on your phone or grind through an alien landscape. Now, we have another take on virtual skateboarding — and it might be the most realistic I’ve ever played.

Session: Skate Sim is out now after a period of early access, and it’s something of a spiritual successor to the Skate series (which is itself making a comeback…

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