The Midnight Club’s first trailer looks like The Fault in Our Stars but with vengeful ghosts

Iman Benson and Igby Rigney in The Midnight Club. | Netflix

The seven terminally ill youths at the center of Netflix’s upcoming horror mystery series The Midnight Club from Mike Flanagan and Leah Fong all know they’re probably going to die before any of them are ready. But in the show’s first full trailer, the thing that has all of the kids at Brightcliffe hospice running scared isn’t the prospect of meeting their ends naturally — it’s how something from the great beyond seems intent on hastening their deaths.

Though Brightcliffe is technically a facility where young people go to spend their final days, the new trailer establishes it as the kind of remote, occasionally scenic boarding school situation that residents could find almost charming. Under the watchful eye of Dr. Georgina Stanton…

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