The latest Echo Dot smart speakers are smarter and bassier

The newest generation of Echo Dot is louder and brighter and also a Wi-Fi extender. | Image: Amazon

At its annual fall event, Amazon showed off its brand-new Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock. The fifth generation of the smaller spherical speakers has been seriously souped-up. While they sport the same look, they have a completely redesigned audio architecture under the hood that delivers two times the bass of the prior model.

Plus, the Alexa-powered smart speakers now use Amazon’s AZ2 neural edge processor that allows them to do more actions locally. There’s also a new temperature sensor, new tap gesture controls, and the Dots can double as Wi-Fi extenders for an Eero Mesh system.

Additionally, the popular Echo Dot with Clock model has had its LED dot display upgraded. It’s now brighter and, with a higher resolution, can offer up…

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