The first trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities looks like just the thing for Halloween

Guillermo del Toro presents his Cabinet of Curiosities. | Image: Netflix

Guillermo del Toro is finally ready to show off the first proper trailer for his intriguing Netflix anthology called Cabinet of Curiosities. The series is made up of eight stories with names like “Graveyard Rats” and “Dreams in the Witch House,” and the first trailer definitely makes it seem like — while they’re all spooky — we’ll get a nice mix of genres and styles: haunted houses, gothic horror, and straight-up slasher stories.

That likely comes down to the variety of creative minds working on the show. While del Toro penned two original stories for Cabinet of Curiosities, the anthology also includes episodes from The Babadook director Jennifer Kent, Cube director Vincenzo Natali, and Mandy director Panos Cosmatos, among others. The…

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