The best Nintendo Switch controllers to buy right now

Each option (except for the Hori Split Pad Pro and 8BitDo USB Adapter) is compatible with all Switch models, including Switch Lite.

The best controllers for your Nintendo Switch aren’t the ones that come with each system. The removable Joy-Cons included with all Switch consoles (except for the Switch Lite) are convenient since they can be detached to use as wireless controllers for two people. But their tiny, contourless design isn’t that comfortable for long gaming sessions or large hands. And don’t get me started on the dreaded Joy-Con drift.

Thankfully, you have plenty of alternatives, though only some of them are worth your money. In this buying guide, I focus on wireless controllers that are comfortable and reliable and a few with unique features that enhance your play time, like input customization and long battery life. I’m not covering wired controllers that…

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