Streamer involved in Twitch gambling saga now embroiled in sexual assault allegations

Mizkif / YouTube

The fallout regarding a Twitch streamer’s gambling scam has taken a dramatic and disturbing turn as one streamer involved has been accused of “covering up” a sexual assault.

Yesterday, news broke that ItsSliker scammed fellow streamers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to support a sports gambling addiction. That news, in turn, prompted several prominent streamers, including Pokimane, Asmongold, and HasanAbi, to call for the banning of slot gambling on Twitch despite the fact Sliker’s gambling wasn’t slots. One of the streamers calling for the Twitch gambling ban and a potential boycott of Twitch to further the issue was Mizkif, owner of OTKNetwork, a popular streaming network that counts content creators like Emiru and…

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