Reflect brings data visualization to HR teams

Meet Reflect, a new analytics tool that has been specifically designed for HR teams. While many teams now rely on sophisticated data visualization and business planning tools, HR teams can’t easily measure different metrics and see how they evolve over time.

And yet, human resources have become a key component for tech startups and innovative businesses in general.

“The reason why we started Reflect is that we thought HR people needed some help,” co-founder and CEO Léopold Adam told me. The job has gotten a lot more complex with the COVID-19 pandemic, diversity, equity and inclusion objectives, mental health issues and remote work policies.

“They don’t have a comprehensive tool to manage the situation,” Adam said. According to him, the average HR team uses 2 to 10 different software-as-a-service products. Reflect connects to all these tools and centralizes the data.

After that, Reflect acts as a single repository for all HR metrics. Users can then select data points and track progress. For instance, companies use Reflect to track the total headcount in each department, attrition, the number of salary increases per quarter, the proportion of women in leadership positions, etc.

Reflect then lets you share a dashboard with team managers, executives and anyone who want a comprehensive view of HR data in general. And once the CEO is using the tool, you can be sure that it will become essential.

Of course, many companies create Excel spreadsheets and send them across the company. But that requires a ton of manual exports and it’s not that easy to change some parameters to see a different view.

Some companies already have a data visualization tool like Tableau and Power BI. But the issue is that HR departments deal with sensitive info, like salaries and sick leaves. You don’t want to grant access to your HR data to the entire company.

In the future, Reflect thinks it can help you compare your own metrics with your industry’s metrics. As more companies start using the product, it will become easier to compare attrition for instance.

Reflect raised a €2 million ($2 million) pre-seed round led by XAnge with the participation of Evolem, Kima Ventures and several business angels, such as Roxanne Varza, Matthieu Birach and Thibaud Elzière. And the first companies using the product include Pennylane, Welcome to the Jungle, Batch, Partoo and SmallPDF.

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Reflect brings data visualization to HR teams by Romain Dillet originally published on TechCrunch

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