Razer releases cheaper, more compact Leviathan V2 X PC soundbar

Razer’s Leviathan V2 X PC soundbar. | Image: Razer

Razer’s new Leviathan V2 X PC soundbar is a smaller, stripped-down version of its full-featured sibling that Razer released earlier this year. The 15.7-inch soundbar comes at a cheaper $99.99 price point but still offers a decent amount of features for the cost.

In terms of audio, you can expect two full-range drivers and two passive radiators with a maximum volume output of 90dB when one meter away. It’s missing the subwoofer and THX Spatial Audio that the standard $249 Leviathan V2 comes with, so you might miss out on more immersive, bass-rich audio that my colleague Cameron Faulkner said “sounds pretty fantastic” in his review.

Image: Razer
Just look at that RGB.

Like its more expensive counterpart, the…

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