Now you can get a really round Oura smart ring

The really round Oura Horizon comes in five colors, including the new rose gold finish. | Image: Oura

If you were intrigued by previous Oura smart rings but were turned off by a design that didn’t let you spin it on your desk, then you’re in luck. Oura is releasing a rounder version of its health and fitness tracking smart ring line called Horizon, though it’ll cost you $50 more than the version not matching that preference. (via Gizmodo).

The Oura Horizon is largely identical to the last year’s Oura Ring (Gen 3) in terms of functionality, including the blood oxygen monitoring abilities that were just activated this year. This means the Horizon is just a cosmetic change accompanying the old “heritage” design, and it comes in the same original gold, stealth, black, and silver finishes, plus a brand new rose gold color you could totally…

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