Logitech’s G Fits can mold their ear tips to deliver made-for-you sound

Look familiar? Yep, these are practically identical to the UE Fits. | Image: Logitech

Logitech thinks that console and PC gamers, not just audiophiles, might appreciate having custom-molded ear tips for enhanced bass and sound quality. The $229.99 G Fits, releasing in October, borrow the same party trick from the 2020 UE Fits: a one-time, 60-second setup that uses LEDs to heat and morph the ear tips to the shape of your inner ear.

It’s identical to how we laid it out in the UE Fits review, where Chris Welch notes that the companion mobile app will remind you to firmly hold each earbud in your ear and to stay calm with a relaxed jaw. “During molding, the tips warm up, which is an unusual sensation for something in your ears,” Chris says. It’s far from your average setup process for earbuds, but it leads to a custom (and…

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