Krafton shows off a ‘concept trailer’ for its ambitious fantasy epic

Image: Krafton

Krafton, the company behind PUBG, is hoping to build a medium-spanning epic with its adaptation of the Korean fantasy novel The Bird That Drinks Tears. It’s still early days, but the company has released a “concept trailer” for the project designed to give a sense of what players and viewers can expect.

The trailer was built in Unreal Engine 5 and is based on concept art from Iain McCaig, who previously worked on projects ranging from Star Wars to The Avengers. Krafton is working on a game based on the novel and says that it will also be releasing an art book later this year and a graphic novel in 2023. The multimedia project is currently dubbed “Project Windless.”

In a press release, Krafton said that “in addition to the untitled game…

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