Kindle tablet and new Fire TV leak ahead of Amazon event

A leaked image of the Kindle “Scribe,” which you may be able to use to take notes | Image: SnoopyTech

Amazon’s hardware launch event is less than an hour away, and we’re already seeing images of some upcoming products make their way around the web ahead of time. Leakers posted images of the purported devices on Twitter, which include an alleged Amazon Fire TV, a new Kindle that comes with a stylus, and a potential look at the Echo Auto 2.

One leaker, SnoopyTech, claims Amazon will release a new Kindle called the “Scribe” that allows users to take notes directly on the screen using a supported stylus, making the device handy for more than just reading. The images shared by SnoopyTech indicate users can access a note-taking interface that lets them erase text, as well as undo or redo anything they’ve just written.

Amazon Kindle Scribe,…

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