Google’s text-to-speech engine is getting new voices across Android apps

Google’s text-to-speech tech is getting new voices across Android apps to improve clarity and sound more natural. | The Verge

The speech engine Speech Services by Google is being upgraded to improve clarity and make text-to-speech voices in Android apps sound more natural. You can hear the difference between the old voices and the updated voices for yourself through prerecorded snippets on the Android Developers Blog.

Frankly, while the voices do sound clearer, I’m skeptical about the claims it sounds more natural. It’s also still difficult to ascertain what the first sentence in these US English-language recordings actually says — is this my gun? Is this my god? Apparently, it says, “is this mic on?” but that was lost on me.



All 421 voices in 67 languages within Google’s speech engine are getting a new voice model

All 421 voices in 67 languages…

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