Eufy’s impressive new smart cameras use AI to identify you and your pets

Image: Eufy

Smart home company Eufy’s new wireless security camera, the EufyCam 3, bumps up the resolution to 4K and adds a built-in solar panel to extend the year-long battery life even further. But its best features come from the new HomeBase 3 hub the camera connects to wirelessly. This adds local processing of video to send you an alert when it spots a person, pet, or vehicle, plus facial recognition so it can tell you if it’s a stranger or a family member.

Another interesting feature is the option to upgrade the storage to as much as 16 TB of local storage with a hard drive slot. Eufy says this is enough for 60 years of motion-activated video footage, and it adds the capability to record continuous video — a first for the Eufy ecosystem.


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