DJI’s new smartphone gimbal aims to get you filming quicker than ever

The extension rod feature returns from the previous model. | Image: DJI

DJI has just announced the latest model in its lineup of smartphone gimbals, the Osmo Mobile 6. Like its predecessors, it’s designed to stabilize videos and photos taken with phones, but it features a new wheel control to make zooming and focusing easier and a status panel to show the gimbal’s battery life at a glance.

But perhaps the most interesting new feature is one that DJI is calling “Quick Launch.” It’s only available when using the gimbal with iPhones, but the idea is that the accessory can automatically generate a push notification to quickly launch the DJI camera app when it detects that a phone has been mounted. When combined with the magnetic mount introduced with the Osmo Mobile 4, it should help you get shooting quicker…

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