Deals PSA: Today’s the last day to buy Vampire Survivors on Steam for just $2.99

The slow-burn of escalating on-screen chaos in Vampire Survivors is part of its beauty. Also, the sound of the gem pickups is incredibly satisfying. | Image: Poncle

If you play games on PC or own a Steam Deck, the time is now to pick up Vampire Survivors. The indie megahit is inching very close to its 1.0 release, but before that, the price is set to increase tomorrow, September 21st. Developer Poncle has not yet disclosed what the full price of the game will be, but it’s going to be higher than the current $2.99 you can get it for on Steam.

Vampire Survivors launched in Steam Early Access back in December, and it’s remained that cheap, even as it grew a huge following and the developers added much more content to it through frequent updates. It’s also available to subscribers of Microsoft’s PC Game Pass, but this is your last chance to get it on Steam for about the price of a cup of coffee.


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