Network isn’t a dirty word

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is our Wednesday show, where we niche down to a single topic, think about a question and unpack the rest. This week, Natasha asked: What does breaking into venture capital look like today, … Read more

Morgan Stanley to pay $35M after hard drives with 15M customers’ personal data turn up in auction

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has agreed to settle charges against Morgan Stanley Smith Barney (MSSB) for its “astonishing” failure to protect the personal identifying information of some 15 million customers. MSSB, now known as Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, is the wealth and asset management division of banking giant Morgan Stanley, which this week … Read more

Visualizing how cool it is to be green

People relax underneath a blossoming tree during a warm spring day in Central Park in Manhattan. | Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images Thanks to a couple satellite images from NASA, we can see how cool it is to be green — literally. The maps below show that the greenest parts of the Northeastern … Read more

Kode Labs raises $8m to advance its smart building platform

RiverSouth is called the smartest building in North America and features a wild array of technology for tenants, business owners, and real estate managers. Kode OS underpins the building’s systems, a real estate platform developed by the Detroit-based startup, Kode Labs. The platform ingests data from any number of systems and provides users with a … Read more

SMB-focused Pie Insurance raises $315M Series D

Pie Insurance, which provides workers’ compensation insurance to small businesses, has closed on a  $315 million Series D round of funding. In 2021, the size of this round wouldn’t have turned heads. But in today’s environment, where investors are pulling back and venture funding has slowed considerably, a $315 million raise stands out.  The financing … Read more

SentinelOne launches $100M fund to invest in enterprise cybersecurity startups

SentinelOne, an AI endpoint security firm that went public last June, has announced the launch of S Ventures, a $100 million fund to invest in the generation of enterprise cybersecurity startups. The launch of S Ventures comes at an interesting time for the cybersecurity market. While startups in this sector have long weathered the current … Read more

Volvo’s EX90 electric SUV will have laser sensors and cameras that can detect drunk driving

Volvo’s Concept Recharge, released in 2021, is meant to preview the upcoming EX90 SUV. | Image: Volvo Volvo announced that it will unveil its new flagship electric vehicle, the EX90 SUV, on November 9th. The EX90 is meant to replace the company’s current flagship, the gas-powered XC90 SUV, as Volvo transitions to an all-electric car … Read more

Now you can touch Alexa on Fire tablets, too

Tap to activate Alexa is coming to Fire tablets, including the new Fire HD 8 and 8 Plus. | Image: Amazon Amazon is bringing more accessibility features to its Fire tablets — including the new Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 8 Plus announced today — adding support for Tap to Alexa, compatibility with Bluetooth … Read more