Crime reporting app Citizen lays off 33 employees

Citizen laid off 33 staff members on Wednesday, the company confirmed to TechCrunch. “We are grateful to all of our departing team members for their contributions to Citizen and are committed to supporting them through this transition with a generous severance package that includes accelerated option vesting and extended exercise window, six months of COBRA … Read more

Alphabet robotics division Intrinsic hit with layoffs

It’s a new year, but the industry’s struggles are showing no signs of abating. Big firms are as susceptible — if not more so. This week, Alphabet joined the growing list of tech giants making staff cuts amid ongoing economic struggles. Following a wave of layoffs from the likes of Amazon, Meta and Salesforce, Alphabet … Read more

Electric air dusters rock

My tool. My friend. My electric air duster. | Photo by Christopher Person / The Verge I have always had a complicated relationship with canned compressed air. For a neat freak, it’s a vital tool. It keeps your keyboards clean, it blasts dust out of your gaming PC, and it gets gunk out of those … Read more

Marvel Snap PvP mode drops very soon

Image: Second Dinner After weeks of playtesting, theorycrafting, ladder-climbing, and a bunch of shit-talking, I am ready to face my friends in Marvel Snap’s PvP mode. In a new blog on the Unity developer tools website, Marvel Snap associate design director Kent-Erik Hagman wrote about what players can expect when Battle Mode is planned to … Read more

Greenlight, kids-focused fintech startup, lays off 104 employees to optimize expenses

Greenlight, a fintech startup offering debit cards to kids, has laid off 104 employees — or over 21% of its total headcount of 485 employees — to “better align with ongoing operating expenses” amid the economic slowdown. TechCrunch learned about the layoff that was announced to its employees earlier this week. The startup later confirmed … Read more