Justin Aversano’s Inspiration for Tarot-Themed NFT Photo Series ‘Smoke and Mirrors’

Justin Aversano, best known for his high-selling “Twin Flames” NFT photo series, joined Decrypt’s Andrew Hayward ahead of the upcoming L.A. exhibition for his new Ethereum NFT project “Smoke and Mirrors.” He shared the wild inspiration behind the tarot-themed collection, and why—despite his growing profile—he opted not to exhibit at a major brand-name gallery.

Do You Believe in (Bitcoin) Magic?

NFTs continued to grow beyond their humble Ethereum roots this week, with Magic Eden becoming the first major NFT marketplace to offer Bitcoin-based collectibles on its platform. Web3 gaming was also in the spotlight, as Sony filed a patent that could make NFTs transferable between different games and consoles. Meanwhile, blockchains Immutable and Polygon announced … Read more

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