Wordle has been bought by The New York Times, will stay free for everyone to play

The smash online word game Wordle has been bought by The New York Times, which will integrate the daily word puzzle into The New York Times Games suite of word games, creator Josh Wardle announced today.

Wordle will remain free to play once it moves over to the Times’ site (at least for now), and Wardle says that he’s working with The New York Times to preserve players’ existing wins and streak data once the game moves over to its new home. That said, The New York Times’ announcement leaves room for Wordle’s new owner to decide to put the title behind its paywall in the future.

An update on Wordle pic.twitter.com/TmHd0AIRLX

— Josh Wardle (@powerlanguish) January 31, 2022

In his announcement of the sale — for a price that The New…

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