Warner Bros To Launch ‘Red Pill’ NFTs Avatars For The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix is returning to the big screen with The Matrix Resurrections, and it’s set to launch alongside a range of NFTs.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, social NFT platform Nifty’s will launch 100,000 avatars themed around The Matrix Resurrections, with a special “Red Pill” feature. The avatars will retail for $50 each from November 30; as in the original Matrix film, buyers of the NFTs can choose between a red pill or a blue pill. If they choose the blue pill, their avatar’s character will remain in the Matrix. If they choose the red pill, their avatar transforms into a resistance fighter.

“We really think that theme, of digital identity, and choice, and owning that identity, resonates with the themes in The Matrix franchise,” Jeff Marsilio, CEO and co-founder of Nifty’s, told THR.

“If you think about all the ways fans of content can interact with their favorite characters and stories in 2021—retail stores, theme parks, social media, collectibles, online shops—digital art and collectibles are certainly on that list now,” Pam Lifford, president of Warner Bros. Consumer Products, told THR, calling NFTs, “another touchpoint for fans to engage.”

Wake up 

On 11/30, collect your Matrix avatars exclusively on Nifty’s. Created by Nifty’s and @warnerbros, and made using Epic Games’ MetaHuman Creator, these NFTs bring to life this iconic franchise in a whole new way.

Follow the white rabbit https://t.co/A9AQpP9BQ5 pic.twitter.com/L7PB0i6vob

— Nifty’s (@Niftys) November 2, 2021

NFTs go to Hollywood 

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are cryptographically unique tokens that can be linked to digital content, allowing for proof of ownership. In the past year, they’ve exploded into the public consciousness, with art NFTs selling for millions of dollars, while brands and celebrities have embraced them.

Like popular projects CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club, Nifty’s Matrix NFTs are themed around avatars; images that are typically used for social media profiles. In recent months, the creators of both CryptoPunks and Bored Apes have both inked deals to secure Hollywood representation and explore media opportunities around their brands.

Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction NFTs Have ‘Secret’ Perks Only Owners Can See

Meanwhile, filmmakers are exploring the potential of NFTs for creative and commercial purposes.

The feature films Lockdown and Zero Contact have both been released as NFTs, while Kung Fury director David Sandberg has launched a line of NFT characters that could feature in his upcoming films. And just today, Pulp Fiction director Quentin Tarantino announced that he’s releasing a line of NFTs based on the film.

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