Twelve South’s new Apple Watch sweatband doesn’t work with every watch

Twelve South’s new ActionBand for Apple Watch. | Image: Twelve South

One of the defining features of the Apple Watch is the vast number of bands you can buy to make it fit your needs and style. That can be particularly useful for workouts. You might not want to wear a leather band during a long run, but you can easily swap in bands made of other materials that can better withstand sweat. If you’ve been looking for a full-on wrist sweatband to use alongside your Apple Watch, though, accessories maker Twelve South now has you covered with the ActionBand for Apple Watch.

The ActionBand is a terry cotton band that sits tight on your wrist and has a frame for you to slot in the watch part of your Apple Watch. The frame is designed in such a way to let you access the Digital Crown and the watch’s side button,…

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