Three-quarters of record-breaking funding for female founders is a win

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. And have fun!

This week our very own Mary Ann was off — we send her our best, as she is a living saint — so Natasha and Alex and Grace and Chris got together to compile our news roundup. And oh boy was there a lot to corral.

Up top this week, news from Indiegogo that the crowdfunding service is tightening up who gets to post projects on its platform. We view this as a general good, and one that could prove helpful to the long-term viability of crowdfunding.
From the funding round rodeo, we riffed on the musical and potentially exciting Mictic (which raised $2.5 million), female-health focused illumigyn and what it might do for care access (it raised $33 million), and Martie, which wants to prevent food waste and perhaps provide low-cost foodstuffs to folks in need ($3 million in fresh capital).
After a decline in 2020, funding for female-founded companies is making a venture-backed comeback.
VSC wants to craft the stories of startups, and then invest in them too. We spoke about PR firms getting into the portfolio game, and what challenges could come up.
And then we chatted for a minute on alternative investing. Namely what Aqua is building, and why Alex is writing columns on NFTs.

Hugs and love from the team; we will chat with you bright and early Monday morning!

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