EpiK Protocol: Calling All AI Data Labeling Domain Experts

It is a truism that the quality of data you can get out of a system depends on the quality of the data you put into the system. This is as true in a basic Excel file as it is in the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

A key element to the ongoing development of these AI systems is the labeling of vast troves of data, which must be done largely by humans. The costs of this labeling can be immense in terms of the time it takes and the large number of people needed to collaborate on these projects. But a new way is emerging that combines the decentralization of blockchain with the incentive structures of crypto that can take data labeling for AI to the next level.

EpiK Protocol reduces the costs of labeling AI data via a sharing economy platform based on blockchain technology. Since the launch of the EpiK Protocol mainnet on Aug. 15, 2021, the EpiK Protocol ecosystem has been rapidly adopted. There are four core components in this innovative platform: the incentive model, the governance model, an AI data storage system and an AI data labeling system.

In the two months since the mainnet went live, EpiK Protocol has proven three of the four components are working well.

The stable mainnet and growing global community can prove the feasibility of the EPK incentive model.EPIP-1, the first IPFS ecological proposal passed through DAO governance, proves the strong consensus brought by the governance model.More than 30,000 knowledge nodes joining the network to contribute idle storage resources prove the success of the AI data storage system.

In order to complete the last component of decentralized storage protocol for AI data, EpiK Protocol started the first round of domain experts elections on Oct. 15, 2021. These domain experts will lead all EPK holders to label the most valuable AI data to prove the value of the EpiK Protocol network.

EpiK Protocol offered two domain expert candidates from the emotion AI and finance fields, each with achievements and rich industry experiences in their respective domains. Pending the votes of EPKers in the next 30 days, these candidates will be nominated as active domain experts on Nov. 15, 2021.

Since its inception, EpiK Protocol has always been based on an open, sharing economy network for AI data. With the participation of the domain experts, EpiK Protocol can not only build larger and more comprehensive graph databases in different domains, but also can develop smarter AI with these valuable AI data.

More domain experts are wanted in the EpiK Protocol network. If you have rich experience in AI development and a clear understanding of what kind of data is needed in a specific AI domain, you can follow this guideline to apply to be a domain expert with the incentive to collect high-quality AI data in the EpiK Protocol network.

The era of cognitive intelligence depends on the participation of an increasing number of experts and data labelers. In the near future, AI will gradually learn human knowledge and replace human work in various fields. This won’t be a short journey, but education is never short term.

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