Mimica, which automates RPA, raises $6M Series A funding led by Khosla Ventures

Mimica, which (perhaps oddly enough) automates Robotic Process Automation, has raised a $6 million Series A funding from Khosla Ventures. The company will use the funds to establish a sales team in the US and build out its product. Previous Seed investors included the UK’s Entrepreneur First accelerator and the Episode 1 VC. Mimica’s first … Read more

Pigment raises $73M to take on Excel and generic spreadsheet players in the world of business planning and forecasting

The last 20 months of living in the midst of Covid-19, with all its unexpected developments, have been a challenge for many organizations when it comes to planning for the future. But that has also presented an opportunity for tech: build tools to make planning and forecasting, even in the midst of a pandemic, easier … Read more

Plentina, a ‘buy now, pay later’ startup focused on emerging markets, raises another $2.2M

Philippines-based Plentina, a buy now, pay later startup focused on emerging markets, announced today it has raised $2.2 million. This brings the fintech’s total funding since it was founded in 2019, including a seed round announced in April, to $5.7 million. The latest funding was led by TMV, with participation from Global Founders Capital and … Read more

Go read this report about how Amazon tries to evade responsibility in delivery vehicle crashes

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Amazon’s fleet of delivery drivers may be detached from Amazon warehouses, but the company still monitors its drivers; it installed always-on cameras in its delivery trucks and even asked drivers to consent to yawn-detecting AI surveillance. However, it’s that very surveillance system that puts Amazon in the crosshairs … Read more

Gillmor Gang: Old Brown Shoe

My favorite show right now is Succession, the fictionalization of the Murdoch family and its media empire. It’s relentlessly funny, as the patriarch and children vie for being the most reprehensible. It’s a big tie; each of the principals vacillates between nervous self-doubt and over the top belief that they are somehow close to omnipotent … Read more

Apple’s Business Essentials subscriptions support small businesses that only use Apple

Apple Business Essentials | Image: Apple This week Apple unveiled another beta program, but instead of offering early previews of software for your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, it’s a new initiative called Business Essentials. In line with Apple’s recent shift toward selling services, it’s a subscription package aimed at small businesses with three different plans … Read more

How DevOps Killed WAF

Web Application Firewalls have been a key part of cybersecurity that are facing obsolencence thanks to the significant labour costs associated with WAFs. Read the full story