Bloodborne is finally on PC (in the form of a neat PS1 demake)

Bloodborne is finally on PC — in a manner of speaking. Fans of 2015’s FromSoftware roguelike have been fervently wishing for a PC port. At long last, their prayers have been answered on the gnarled finger of a monkey’s paw with a PSX “demake” available now for free.


➡️Get it here:

Thank you for the support over the 13 month dev period. It means so much to me

➡️Extended Launch Trailer: #Demake

— Lilith Walther ️‍⚧️ (ps1 goth girl) BLM ACAB (@b0tster) January 31, 2022

Developer Lilith Walther has been working on the demake for 13 months and has drummed up considerable…

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