Arlo’s new security camera keeps watch over LTE or Wi-Fi

Image: Arlo

If you’re looking to set up a security camera that can keep watch in areas without Wi-Fi, or that’ll still be able to keep an eye on things if your home internet goes out, Arlo’s new LTE-powered camera may be of interest. The $250 Arlo Go 2 LTE / Wi-Fi camera is built to go in somewhat remote places, like on a barn, cabin, or boat dock, and features full HD video recording (though saving that to the cloud will require a subscription, more on that later), weather resistance, and a rechargeable and swappable battery.

The original Arlo Go was significantly more expensive at around $400, didn’t support Wi-Fi (and therefore couldn’t use its cellular connection as a backup to your home internet like the 2 can), and also only recorded in 720p….

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