AnubisDAO Investors Lose $60 Million in Alleged Rug Pull

Investors claim that the creators of a newly-launched dog coin project defrauded them out of a combined total of $60 million in ETH after the funds vanished from the project’s liquidity pool. AnubisDAO, which launched on Thursday, touted itself as a fork of OlympusDAO–a decentralized reserve currency backed by bonds sales and liquidity provider fees.  … Read more

This Week on Crypto Twitter: Wolf of Wall Street, SHIB Boasts, CryptoPunks

Illustration by Mitchell Preffer for Decrypt After Bitcoin’s all-time high boosted traders to altitudes never reached before, the past few days included plenty of surreal and heady moments on Crypto Twitter.  First, remember Leonardo Di Caprio’s dramatic “I’m not leaving!” scene from The Wolf of Wall Street? If not, fear not: the real wolf, a … Read more

Oculus CTO: ‘Unlikely’ that Meta Will Totally Embrace Crypto

On Thursday, Oculus’s Chief Technology Officer John Carmack said during a live keynote speech about Facebook’s new metaverse that “it’s unlikely we’re going to be in the completely open crypto world of things.”  Earlier that day, Facebook rebranded itself as ‘Meta’, signaling its intention to go all in on the metaverse. Under the new ‘Meta’ … Read more

This Week in Coins: Ethereum Hits ATH, SHIB Becomes Top 10 Token

Illustration by Mitchell Preffer for Decrypt Crypto never fails to disappoint fans of volatility. This week, Bitcoin and Ethereum reached prices never seen before, then promptly pulled back while prices of altcoins like SHIB soared.  Ethereum (ETH) recorded a new all-time high on Friday. Transactions came so thick and fast that the network burned more … Read more

Ethereum Gas Fees Have Risen 2,300% Since June

The average transaction fee on Ethereum is soaring at $51.45, according to data from crypto metrics site BitInfoCharts. The figures show an increase of 2,293% since late June.  Only seven days ago, the average transaction fee on Ethereum was $22.52. This month has been particularly temperamental for Ethereum gas fees. On October 15, the average … Read more

Is DeFi 2.0 a Thing Yet?

DeFi Friday is Decrypt’s DeFi email newsletter. (art: Grant Kempster) Over the past few weeks, you may have begun to see the term “DeFi 2.0” appear on Crypto Twitter. I also mentioned it in last week’s DeFi Friday newsletter along with two DeFi projects, Olympus and Alchemix, that appear to fall into this category.  But … Read more

Deliver natural and efficient customer service experiences to mobile subscribers with Amazon Lex

Mobile service providers manage a high volume of customer service calls daily. Rapidly evolving network technology and device innovations are shaping customer expectations. Delighting callers with a quick interaction is core to a successful customer experience strategy. Mobile subscribers contact customer support for several reasons such as requesting a new SIM card, changing a plan, … Read more

Build conversational experiences for retail order management using Amazon Lex

Retailers want to stay engaged with their customers as they move seamlessly between digital channels and physical storefronts. By delivering personalized and consistent experiences across a range of retail touchpoints, companies can drive brand loyalty. Customers contact retailers’ customer support for reasons such as checking order status, updating shipping preferences, redeeming loyalty points, managing refunds, … Read more

Prevent fake account sign-ups in real time with AI using Amazon Fraud Detector

Implementing an effective fraud prevention system is one of the top priorities for businesses that operate online web or mobile platforms. Businesses report millions of dollars of lost revenue each year due to fraud. Platform abuse and fraud prevention largely remain reactive, and is achieved by studying the profile behavior and transaction history of a … Read more

Behind the DeFi War of Words Between Aave and Yearn

Dodgers and Giants. India and Pakistan. Vin Diesel and The Rock.  Time to add another rivalry to the list: Aave and Yearn. Earlier this week, Cream Finance—an Ethereum-based lending protocol— suffered its third attack this year as hackers made off with a cool $130 million. Now, people are starting to point fingers. In a Thursday … Read more

Automate the customer service experience for flight reservations using Amazon Lex

As air travel starts to pick up in many parts of the world, digitization continues to transform the aviation industry. Airlines are working to reduce the number of touchpoints at the airport. Best practices have been implemented to minimize the number of physical interactions between employees and travelers. As a result, customer service is undergoing … Read more

Patreon May Let Creators Offer Fans ‘Exclusive Memberships’ Through Social Tokens

Patreon lets creators earn income directly from supporters via subscriptions, potentially yielding stronger bonds with fans while enabling new types of business models. Now, the service says that it is considering adding the option for creators to offer their own personal crypto tokens—or social tokens—to help monetize their communities. At The Information’s 2021 Creator Economy … Read more

Build conversational experiences for auto insurance using Amazon Lex

Auto insurance companies are focusing on digital innovations to meet customer needs. Digital-first engagements provide tailored coverage, transparent information, and seamless experiences. The shift to virtual channels for customer service that occurred during the pandemic is unlikely to revert to traditional channels for many customers. The change in consumer behavior continues to accelerate due to … Read more

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