The Return of Sirius

Spanish bank giant BBVA can’t hold crypto – and that’s a problem. -AND- The NFL is the latest sports league to enter the world of crypto as the players union announced a deal with a blockchain startup. -ALSO- Martti ‘Sirius’ Malmi, also known as the first coder to work alongside bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, … Read more

Your Job On the Blockchain

The first major app on Blockstack, launched today, is promising to disrupt future models of employment, bringing it more in line with a decentralized ethos. -AND- A blockchain “app store,” backed by IBM, aims to help connect banks and fintech and software vendors. -ALSO- A public blockchain project has raised over $20 million from institutional … Read more

Notes On a Swatting

Bitcoin engineer Jameson Lopp reflects on an incident last year that saw armed police descend on his home. -AND- Bitcoin’s cutting-edge ‘Coin Selection’ tech gets its first major integration. -ALSO- Decentralized exchange Waves scored a $6 million debut. But trouble wasn’t far behind. -DON’T MISS- CoinDesk’s Nolan Bauerle joins host Marc Hochstein to discuss new … Read more

The Wrong Kind of Attention

The first Augur assassination markets have arrived. -AND- What scams? Ethereum’s vision for decentralized apps is only growing bolder. -ALSO- Bitcoin’s price is nearing $10K on a single, troubled exchange. CoinDesk’s Anna Baydakova joins Editor-in-Chief Pete Rizzo to discuss the mysteries around WEX. Recorded July 25, 2018 in New York, NY. Thanks to our sponsors! … Read more

Bitcoin Awaits Price Breakout as Trading Range Tightens

The price of bitcoin (BTC) is stuck in a $400 range defined by key technical levels, and the direction of the breakout will likely set the tone for the next move in the cryptocurrency. The trading range’s lower end is $6,341, a double bottom neckline (former resistance-turned-support), which was scaled on June 30. Meanwhile, $6,754 (a … Read more

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